Operation Restore Regasi

Charles Austin Theatre is a multi-award winning drama company, which also goes by the name the Masvingo Theatre and Arts Club. It has performed at prestigious arts festival such as the Harare International Festival of the Arts (H.I.F.A.) and some of its performers have performed abroad. The drama club has been a permanent fixture at Great Zimbabwe University’s annual arts festival, Zimbabwe Arts Festival and also at the Annual Invitational One-Act Festival of Zimbabwe. It has also introduced drama festivals that have positively affected teenage theatre potentials such as Masvingo’s Annual High School Drama Festival which has been running for over 25 years (now renamed the Doug Hill High School Drama Festival). In association with Rooftop Promotions, they are running Operation Restore Regasi. Rooftop Promotions is an arts institution which has been in existence for close to three decades and whose celebrated works have often focused on socio-political and economic crisis and curtailment of rights. It has severely critiqued through tragi-comedy plays and political satire those in power and encouraged Zimbabweans to speak out on issues of bad governance, lack of freedom of expression, oppression, conflict and discrimination.


Charles Austin Theatre first opened its doors in 1974 and has been a fully functioning standard theatre house ever since,showing our passion on stage.


The theatre’s multi-award winning drama company, which also goes by the name the Masvingo Theatre and Arts Club, has performed at prestigious arts festivals and some of its actors and actresses have performed abroad


Since 1986, the institution,Rooftop Promotions has evolved dramatically,re positioning and realigning with the dynamic times to serve the arts and society more purposefully and more effectively.

The play title is derived from the manner in which the former Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence forces would pronounce the word “ Legacy” as “Regasi”.


The play particularly focuses on events which took place in the Blue Roof Mansion which is the Mugabe’s’ official residency. Though most of the action is imaginary, the playwright was guided by inside information on what transpired in the Blue Roof mansion and also merged this information with actual events.

Main Cast

Mike Khetani Banda


Robert Mugabe


Carol Mageng’a


Grace Mugabe

Dereck Mapfumo


SB Moyo/FatherMukonori

Marayane Mtetwa


Kudzai Chipanga/ Jonathan Moyo

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